What I’m Reading 2018 – Week 1

The first week in 2018 is in the books and just like I promised, I finished three books this week! I found the pace challenging but the benefits were awesome. I was forced to turn off the tv more often and be more conscientious about how I spend my free time. Here is a quick recap/review of what I read last week followed by my choices for this week.

Love Lives Here by Maria Goff

I am in LOVE with this book! about a year ago I read Love Does by Bob Goff (Marias husband) and came away with a renewed excitement for loving others. Bob Goff is a man of many talents, aspirations and adventures and the way he lives his life is extremely inspiring. So, when I saw that his wife had also written a book I had to hear her side of the story. I was not disappointed. Maria takes us through a memoir of her life while showing us that God makes us all unique and in His image. She doesn’t pull any punches and I quickly found myself crying or laughing out loud at her stories and insights. It was a very emotional but healing read. Love Lives here is an easy read but I would recommend savoring it slowly – you wont regret it.

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Crooked by Cathryn Jakobson Ramin

I have just medically retired from my awesome career due to a back/neck injury I received on the job. Given the option of having surgery, I was reluctant, I asked the spine doctor to give me the info on what to expect if I elected to undergo spinal surgery. After reading through only half of the first page of the information, I said a firm “NO THANK YOU!”  I am so glad I did! My decision to purchase this book stemmed from my determination to rehab my back without surgery. I knew I needed to gather as much information as possible. This was the book for that!!! It is an easy read and written by an investigative journalist, it is chock full of information she gleaned first hand. Whether you have a spinal injury or some her skeletal issue I STRONGLY suggest you read this book before electing to have surgery or even before you start swallowing all those meds the doctors prescribe so freely.

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Missing by James Patterson 

I have read almost every book that James Patterson has written to date. That being said, he has started churning them out faster than I can keep up! He has been one of my favorite authors for years and several of his books have been turned into amazing movies. Missing did not disappoint. While it was action packed and full of smart dialogue, I found myself racing through it. It might be that my tastes have changed or maybe I’m outgrowing the typical mystery novel but I wasn’t as enthralled with this one as I have been with some of his earlier books. I find that nowadays I have to be pretty picky with which books of James Patterson I purchase. In recent years he has started writing more novels with extremely explicit sex scenes, violence and swearing. I know there are some amazing authors that don’t need to add these aspects to their mystery novels to enthrall readers, so I’ve started to shy away from any author that succumbs to this type of writing.

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***If you are interested in reading any of the books I listed, just click on the titles and it will take you straight to that particular book on Amazon.

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