Kindle for Summer Reading

It’s no secret that I have always loathed the idea of reading books on a device. There is something about holding an actual book in my hand that makes me so happy. That being said, summer is full effect and I have been spending every chance I get in my pool or out on the deck in the evenings. I read constantly but I can assure you I cannot read out on the deck at night without a little assistance.

Just in time for mothers day, I saw an ad for the kindle and all its siblings, on sale.

I grit my teeth and purchased the Fire HD 10 Tablet. 

I also purchased this awesome case and stand and I am here to tell you that it was one of the best purchases I have made! I sit outside on the deck in the evening – and well past my bedtime – reading away in peace.

One thing that I love about the kindle is that you can make the print larger. I have had a hard time finding older books that aren’t in the tiniest print imaginable. I have had to pass up some of the more classical reads or even earlier works of some of my favorite authors due to the fact that I don’t own a magnifying glass. With the kindle I can read them all! (Getting old is NOT the business)

One other problem I was able to solve was reading in the pool. I have a glorious over sized above ground pool and bringing a book into it, no matter how careful I am, is like trying to keep rain dry. I was complaining on FB about this very problem when my awesome auntie suggested this great cover! This transparent bag really does keep the water out, and you can still use the touch pad for ease of reading. No more wet pages!

So while I have never before been a great e-reader proponent I have since changed my tune. Want to know something else super cool? Right now you can try kindle unlimited for 3 months for only ninety-nine cents! Normally it runs $29.97 so you are looking at saving about $30.     

Right now Amazon is promoting their site with Prime Day and you can try a Prime membership free for 30 days. So if either of these products catches your fancy or even any e-reader is on your list – now is the time to get them with free two day delivery. Yeah I know I kinda sound like a sales person but I LOVE Amazon Prime and its convenience as well as all the great deals.

Enjoy your summer reading everyone!

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