Frozen Butterflies by Simona Grossi – a Review

Frozen Butterflies by Italian author Simona Grossi is a mixture of part psychological thriller, part romance, part confusion. The story centers around a young psychology teacher named Susan who herself may suffer from some type of mental health issues. Her bouts nightly with insomnia portray this from the very beginning. Due to her insomnia, Susan starts going out at night and meets  a rather strange man named Nick. Nick is an internet writer and is clearly interested in Susan for more than her story ideas. Nick and Susan decide to start writing blog posts containing journal excerpts from a found diary and eventually they get to meet Andrew, the author of the journal.

I struggled to really get into the story for several reasons. I personally don’t like to read books with a sexual undertone in them and the suggested sexual content occurred within the first few pages. However, if you are looking for a book with this type of content, then this book is for you. I found the pace to be slow and the dialogue dry and halted. The author, Simona, teaches law as her day job and the type of writing lawyers do is different from that of a novelist. I recognized that the short stubby sentences are more than likely attributed to a lawyers style trying desperately to convert to a more readable storytelling style.

I did enjoy reading the diary entries of the character Andrew. The entries truly read like journal entries and I found myself able to picture the romance between Andrew and his lost love.

There is a HUGE twist at the end and if you love psychological thriller you will enjoy this book very much.

The authors born and raised in the South of Italy. After earning her law degree and working two years in her profession in Italy she traveled to the United States and received her masters and doctorate decrees from UC Berkley. Simona currently teaches Law in southern California where she resides with her husband. She has also authored a book titled Looking For Clara. Both books can be found on amazon or just follow the links!

Frozen Butterflies

Looking For Clara

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