Do You Journal? – Capturing Life on the Page

To journal or not to journal, that is a really good question!

Writing in a diary is an activity attributed to the childish scribblings of youth. Writing about what boy I had a crush on or my day to day activities as they if they were momentous life changing events was something I did on a daily basis. Now that I am older (not much older, thank you) I have a new view on writing down my thoughts.

I journal daily for a multitude of reasons.

  • I journal to organize my thoughts. Just like talking things through helps me clarify what I really think on a topic, journalling “voices” my thoughts in private. When I scribble furiously in in my journal pages, I avoid bombarding the whole world or just my friends with my chaotic thought process.
  • I journal to process and come to conclusions as well as record my life. I use my journal for writing down my prayers and important ideas from readings that speak to me. My journal is a constant companion to my life. I am able to go back to previous entries and read how life has changed, which prayers have been answered and how I have matured in my faith or in my thinking.
  • I journal as a way to “brain dump” my thoughts. If I have a story or an idea bouncing around in my head it will not leave me until I put it down on paper.

Journalling is a very personal experience. While I no longer keep my journals under lock and key, I do not share them. I do, however ,read other peoples journals. Don’t panic! If you invite me into your home I promise not to snoop through your drawers searching for your life’s secret happenings. I restrict my interests to published journals. The Diaries of Anais Nin are some of my favorite reads. That woman had some serious musings!

Other journals by the likes of Anne Frank and Franz Kafka are so popular that whole movements have been made from them. There is something intriguing about reading other peoples innermost thoughts. Being able to see into inner workings of others minds and living a world through their eyes leads us to higher learning and bettering the world around us.

Whether you journal in a notebook, blog or scrapbook, the practice of pouring out your thoughts is a healthy one that should be encouraged.

Share your journalling with us in the comments below!


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